Now more than ever Credentialing plays a critical role in maximizing receivables.

Credentialing is often the root cause of many denials and subsequent write-offs.

The credentialing nuances affecting revenue (loss) have increased dramatically as out-of-network services have diminished, carve-out TPAs have evolved, sub-plans have abounded and specialty contracts have become more discriminating and specific (down to the CPT code).

The plethora of plans and sub-plans, brought about  by the ACA, Compliancy mandates, audits and Medicare and Medicaid HMOs have further complicated and necessitated proper credentialing.

Credentialing is no longer one more thing that “Mary at the front desk” can handle, but instead, a significant need that if not handled properly, can be costing your practice tens of thousands of dollars!

MPI has experienced credentialing coordinators plugged into the nuances required to get contracting and credentialing done right the first time.

Stop needlessly losing $$$$.

Let MPI’s talented and experienced Credentialing team conduct an assessment of your contracts and credentialing status today!!

MPI Credentialing Services can be provided as an integral component of our billing services or as a stand-alone service.

Our services can be one-time, or ongoing.  Single plan, or comprehensive panels of plans.

We offer individual provider and medical group credentialing services including:

  • Practice Assessments
  • All CMS Medicare Applications
  • All Medicaid Applications
  • Commercial insurances
  • IPAs
  • DME
  • IDTF
  • Urgent Care
  • Adding new Providers to groups
  • Attestations and Re-Attestations
  • Adding new places of service
  • CAQH
  • EDI enrollments/Submitter IDs

Our services and assessments provide detailed grids along the way providing transparent progress and status updates on the credentialing tasks we undertake for you!!!

Contact us today for more information at 800 692-2131.