The center for medicare and medicaid services posted final medicare payment rules on tuesday which include cuts in physician reimbursement rates.

The first medicare payment reduction will be 23.6% Effective december 01, 2010. On january 01, 2011 there will be a further payment reduction of 6.5%. The national conversion factor will decrease from $36.8729 To $28.3868 On december 01, 2010 and decrease further to $25.5217 On january 01, 2011.

As an example code 99213 now pays $66.74 But with the new fee schedule being implemented in january 2011 it is estimated to drop to $51.81. The american medical association as well as other physician associations are currently lobbying for a temporary or permanent payment fix. Please have your staff and patients contact their members of congress to request they intervene to stop these cuts permanently or at least delay them. It can be as easy as sending an email or making a phone call. Click the link below to obtain their contact information.