I have worked with a number of clients who purchased EMR systems years ago and they all sit, unused or partially used.

It is interesting but it is so much more than the system itself that plays a role in it’s use, especially with the added levels CMS is requiring under teh MEaningful Use Guidelines they present (albeit in a half-$%^%$ manner).

What exactly do they want and by when?

Even with PQRI, it is a great mystery!  We asssit clients in delivering PQRI codes but try and access the reports from IACS (Individuals Authorized Access to the CMS Computer Services) – Nice Acronym!!

Well here is the answer to that:

The way it works is that an organization has to be first registered into IACS as an Organization. You must first work with the EUS (External User Support) not the IACS.

Once this is established, a Security Official Account has to be established. This can be done through IACS or Quality Net. Usually they tell me it is the President or officer of organization, but need not be.

Once this is done, a Group Administrator needs to be established. This user is yet another account that needs to be established then approved by the Security Official of the Organization. The Security Official cannot be the Group Administrator.  This Group Administrator can then create users and establish roles for those users under IACS (again approved by Security Official).  One of the Roles is access to the PQRI Data.

Now here is another rub, PQRI data is only available (in NY) the November following the year the data is submitted.  So, 2007 data is available in a report in November 2008 and so on.

So how does one know if the data is received, processed, compliant for the specialty and sufficient in the meantime?  Good Questions.  I am seeking answers and will update you when I get some.

Oh Sigh!!