MPI has a philosophy to strive to have each client individually served in such a way that they feel as if they are MPI’s ONLY client. This is achieved by dedicating focused and personal attention to the characteristics and needs of each client…from day one!


Our Obligation To You

MPI will process all claims until they have a zero balance. It is our obligation to find out why the claim was denied, take the necessary actions, and get the claim paid. Non-Contractual Write-Offs are typically LESS THAN 1%.


Proactive Partners

MPI keeps you up to date with coding changes. Plus, we proactively research coding regulations and changes. This allows us to inform our clients about the new changes and implement them in order to have claims reimbursed without interruption.


Courtesy & Professionalism

We maintain courtesy & professionalism when working with your patients and staff. Patient responsibility for the charges is our last resort. You maintain full-control of how your patients are billed.


Management Consultation

MPI also provides strategies for practice growth and development including coaching your front desk, developing new revenue streams, even opening a new location!


Assessments and Recommendations

Your practice is constantly reviewed for denial patterns, workflow bottlenecks and operational inefficiencies. MPI provides solutions to help ensure streamlined operations and optimized reimbursements.


Answers to Your EMR Concerns

MPI provides a fully integrated EMR solution ready to deploy in your office – now with our billing services, or later, when you’re ready. No software to buy. No server to configure. Ready to go to work for you in your office.