comprehensiveMPI’s flagship product is our Receivable Cycle Management service (billing service).

For over 23 years, MPI has been managing the receivables and increasing the profitability of medical practices.

Our talented and experienced team of medical billing and coding experts will expedite your office, as your “back-office” if you will to transparently manage your claims from scheduling to resolve.


Isn’t it time you…

regain focus on the delivery of patient care?

By utilizing our medical Billing, Credentialing and Practice Management services, you are enabled to focus on patient care while we focus on improving your practice’s cash flow and profitability.


Consider MPI your virtual back office.


  • Higher Reimbursements in Less Time
  • Less Hassle
  • Greater Accuracy
  • Clear Performance Reporting
  • Smoother Operations
  • Less Stress
  • Greater Control
  • Greater Compliancy
  • Personalized Attention (The “Human Component”)
  • Peace of Mind
  • 100% ANSI Compliant EDI Transactions
  • CCHIT Certified EMR Solutions


MPI is the premier provider of Medical Billing Services, Credentialing, Hosted EMR and Practice Management Services for physicians and medical practices.


Let us:
  • Streamline your practice
  • Reduce your overhead and eliminate costs
  • Increase your profitability


Billing Services:

  • Comprehensive and Focused Collections, Follow-up and Analysis
  • Certified Procedural Coders
  • Remote Accessibility
  • Enterprise Scheduling
  • Referral and On-Line Eligibility Management
  • EDM (Electronic Document Management)
  • Charge, Payment and Denial Batch Processing
  • Patient Statements and Communications
  • Detailed and Clear Performance Reports
  • Billing Manager, Credit Manager & Collections Manager Assigned to You
  • Refund Processing
  • Fee Schedule Review
  • BI (Business Intelligence) Technology


Think about this:

The medical field is ever changing with new regulations and requirements.  RAC, Safeguard and ZPIC auditors are out there preying on providers, trying to find money to recoup.  ICD-10, MU, PQRS, MIPs, HIPAA, Compliancy, Credentialing complexities daunt practices now more than ever.  Medical Billing has become a science, requiring trusted advisors at every level of the RCM process, not the least of which includes analytics; the measurement of metrics and benchmarks longitudinally (over time) to transparently evaluate the quality of your receivables.

Use our 23 years of experience to help you.

Contact us today for more information at 800 692-2131.