Hello world!

I want to introduce my new Blog to the Professional Medical Community as well as to Patients (all of you), as the recipients of what is to come in the coming years w.r.t. the delivery of healthcare in the US.

After 10 years in computer hardware design, I have for the last 17 years been heavily involved on the practical and academic sides of Healthcare delivery from both the system and administrative sides.

There exists a strong and important relationship between government, healthcare and technology that is coming together now more than ever fostering great change in the dynamics of the delivery of healthcare in America.

The way medicine is practiced is and will continue to be radically altered as a result of these changes, affecting both Physicians, their staff as well as the patient experience.

Tying these changes together and understanding them as they unfurl in the coming years is more necessary than ever.

My company, Medical Practice Innovations, Inc. and I have established this Blog to serve the Healthcare and Patient community in understanding these changes by supplying up to date and relevent information surrounding these important and relevant signs of the time.

The information on this blog site will prepare physicians and patients for what is coming by accurately spelling out not what might happen, but what is and will continue happen over the next several years, starting with major changes in 2011.

Enjoy and please comment, question and ask!

With warm regards,

Anthony Sarro, Jr.

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